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The Second International Yoga Day was inaugurated in Bern on 18th June. There was a large and enthusiastic turnout. Prime Minister's message was read out. The message of peace and universality was appreciated. Yoga belongs to all humanity and promotes peace and harmony with the environment and other living creatures. It also promotes spirituality universally. Doctors in Switzerland advocate Yoga as a healing force for terminal and chronic diseases. Its power for good is unmatched.

Thanks to all for participating. The yoga sessions propounded by the Yoga Gurus Mr. Wilfred Schichl, Ms. Meena Mailhart, Mr. Suresh, Mr. & Mrs. Bhattacharya, Mr. Aruno, and Mr Gurdeepak Singh continued through the day. All the sessions were well attended.

After the end of the YOga Day at 1530 hrs, a Kathak dance performance illustrating the yoga inspired poses was performed by Gauri and Meera ( and, exponents of classical Kathak who have studied their art under Pt. Ravi Shankar Mishra..

Text of Prime Minister's message on 2nd IYD:

"PM’s Message on Second International Day of Yoga

My dear friends from all over the world,

It gives me great pleasure to address you as we prepare for the 2nd International Day of Yoga – this unique occasion that brings all of us together to celebrate the invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. When I outlined a vision for an International Day of Yoga in September 2014 at the United Nations General Assembly, even I did not anticipate the enormous enthusiasm for the occasion from all corners of the world. Your support and participation last year, and once again now redeems our commitment to nurture and promote this ancient discipline, and reaffirms yoga as an exemplary manifestation of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - The world as one family.

I recall the iconic images from that momentous day last year. All the way from the Pacific Islands to Port of Spain, from Vladivostok to Vancouver and from Copenhagen to Cape Town, thousands gathered to unite the bodies and minds through the practice of Yoga. And the reverberations of their discipline found a natural home at the UN Headquarters in New York, where the journey had begun. I myself was fortunate to celebrate the event along with 36,000 of my fellow citizens and foreign guests in New Delhi.

As so many of you have already discovered, Yoga is much more than a physical exercise – it enables us to access a new dimension of the self, even while providing a holistic approach to preventive healthcare and wellbeing. Yoga helps us to restore our balance and furnishes us with a much needed sense of clarity. And through its unifying power, we seek completeness, and at the same time, a oneness with the world.

Today all of you are the Ambassadors of Yoga, taking forward India’s ancient message to the world. I thank you for your commitment and welcome you as sisters and brothers of India’s family."� � �PM's Video Message (original English)                               

Message by Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj

on 2nd International Day of Yoga


It is a matter of immense happiness that at India’s initiative the United Nations declared 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.  This is the second year when we celebrate the International Day of Yoga with great fervor both in India and abroad.  Last year also this event was celebrated on a grand scale and it is our expectation that this time the celebrations will be on twice the scale and will see twice the participation. 

I would like to emphasize that Yoga is not mere exercise.  Yoga is a combination of exercise for the body as well as the soul.  For this reason, while a person feels exhausted after exercising, after Yoga the person is not exhausted, rather feels a sense of inner peace.   If you start Yoga by doing Pranayam and end it with Yog Nidra or Shavasan you will achieve release from stress and you will feel new energy and vitality flow through your body.  On the one hand Yoga is a medium to fight chronic ailments, on the other it is also a means to attain spiritual energy. 

Given the grand scale at which we are celebrating the International Day of Yoga, I invite each and every one of you to join hands with us.  I would also like to convey my best wishes to those who are unable to participate this time but who would be inspired by you to take up Yoga afresh and participate next time. 

All our Missions and Posts abroad have made intense preparations to celebrate the International Day of Yoga.  Extensive arrangements have also been made to celebrate this event in India.  My warmest wishes to all of you for the success of the 2nd International Day of Yoga. EAM's Video Message (original Hindi) EAM's Video Message (English subtitled)


21st June 2015 has been declared as “International Day of Yoga” by the United Nations. This year, this Embassy would be celebrating International Day of Yoga on 18th June 2016 at Münsterplatz, Berne from 1100 hours.

We wish to celebrate this day in a befitting manner to generate enough interest in this holistic system of wellness.  The opportunity to revitalize this legacy, which has the power to heal and unite the world, needs to be given enough emphasis for it to become a truly global celebration. The Yoga exercises done even for a small duration of time regularly can provide immense physical and mental benefits.


The following Yoga institutes, closely associated with the celebrations of Yoga Day, will demonstrate Yoga on 18th June 2016 at Münsterplatz, Berne:

The Embassy welcomes all to participate in this event.

Spl. report: Switzerland is ready to celebrate international yoga day

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