CSIR, Durgapur, Tender Nos:i) PUR/111/CAMP/02/2017-18(Microprocessor based PC Controlled Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter), ii) PUR/112/CAMP/02/2017-18( Ash Fusion Determinator Furnace), iii) PUR/113/ERT/02/2017-18(PC based automatic Thermo Gravimetric(Proximate) Analyzer), iv) PUR/114/CAMP/05/2017-18( CHNS Analyzer (with balance & PC) for Coal, Coke and Geological samples, v) PUR/107/INDT & MG/04/2017-18(Portable phased array Ultrasonic Testing Equipment), Last date: 14.12.2017(up to 14:30 hrs. (IST)

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